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Hello, my name is Evan. This is the first post of my new blog, “Evan Is Great”. The focus will mostly be on software development, however I will likely sneak in a post about homebrewing or other topics that I’m interested in from time to time.

The inspiration for this blog was provided, in part, by a documentary by Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery called Get Involved!. You can watch it for free on Pluralsight. The purpose of the documentary is to present information on getting involved (never would have guessed) in the software development community, and an entire chapter is dedicated to blogging. Scott encourages developers to blog about things they’re “jazzed” about, and I intend to do just that.

To start out, however, I will probably be blogging about getting involved in the community a lot. See, I recently relocated from my hometown of Milwaukee, WI to Boston, MA for a job opportunity, and I know a grand total of 0 people in this city. Due to this, I consider getting involved to be a genuine necessity should I desire not go insane and become a hermit in but a year’s time.

Next week I will be attending an event hosted by Microsoft DevBoston wherein Shawn Wildermuth will record a podcast with Miguel de Icaza as part of his Hello World Road Trip tour, then give an hour-long presentation on ASP.NET Core. I’m jazzed about every word in that sentence, so it should make Scott happy.

Stay tuned for my first real foray into “getting involved” in Boston next week.

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